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Regional Business Partners Funding Overview

Regional Business Partners Digital Marketing Enablement Funding

Fully Charged Media offers services that are registered with the Regional Business Partners scheme, more officially known as the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund. Traditionally, GST registered New Zealand based small businesses may qualify for vouchers to help pay for services such as training workshops, courses and coaching that build the management capabilities of their […]

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Digital Marketing Security – Steps You Should Take To Protect Your Digital Assets

Digital Marketing Security - Protecting Logins From Hacking

Has your team changed a lot recently, or your working practices have changed?  Are you worried some of that knowledge may walk out the door, including that vital login for the system you didn’t even realise you should have access to? We often talk about digital assets in our talks and for many business owners […]

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Google Analytics Course – Queenstown 28th September 2017

Google Analytics Training Queenstown, New Zealand

This course is a while ago. Our latest course is on 2nd July 2020 – see more about our latest Google Analytics Training in Queenstown, NZ —– Come along to this in depth Google Analytics ‘Bring Your Own Device’ workshop. Learn stuff in the morning, start to implement it in the afternoon. Venue : Millbrook Resort, Waterfall […]

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Is WordPress A Good Platform For Your Website? (WordPress Myths Busted)

Is Wordpress Good For Your Website?

Is WordPress good for your content / blog / SEO / website / business?  This is a question that’s asked a lot. There’s also a lot of really poor and misleading answers to this question. Sadly there’s also a lot of misinformation and lies told about WordPress.  People say WordPress is easily hacked / it’s […]

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Maybe The Best Facebook Campaign For Queenstown Tourism Just Now

If you’re a tourism or activity provider in Queenstown. there’s a great Facebook advertising campaign that you should be testing right now. If you’ve heard me talk, or been on any of my courses, you’ll know I’m a passionate advocate of getting more out of the platforms you are currently using online, whether it’s your […]

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