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Facebook vs TripAdvisor – Join the Discussion on LinkedIn

My recent article on Facebook vs TripAdvisor introduced some of the ways users could query Facebook for recommendations, and how businesses could encourage interaction with their Facebook page.  The article prompted quite a bit of discussion on the International Luxury Hoteliers Association LinkedIn group….from loves to loathes on both platforms, and the inevitable discussion about […]

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Retargeting Article Submitted to International Luxury Hoteliers Association

As everyone else in Queenstown was heading out to watch the British Royals William and Kate drive along the street, and heading to the gondola to watch the start of the Queenstown Bike Festival, I stayed at home to write my second article for the International Luxury Hoteliers Association. The reaction to my first article […]

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Facebook – A Future Alternative to TripAdvisor?

Facebook have announced great plans in the travel space, and I think there’s a chance they could start to edge into TripAdvisor’s territory.  Is Facebook going to compete with TripAdvisor, or are they completely separate animals? TripAdvisor already has strong Facebook integration, but now you can review businesses on Facebook, see which businesses friends have […]

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New Online Tourism Marketing Webinar – 10th Dec NZ (9th Everywhere else)

We’re pleased to announce a new upcoming webinar on 9th December 2013. This webinar will cover the fundamental of establishing your online presence, and will be useful to anyone with a business trading online – with a particular emphasis towards Tourism & Hospitality.  This will be ideal if you have a hotel, restaurant, or an […]

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Facebook introduces Hashtags as predicted

Remember all those Facebook posts that had hashtags splattered all across them, and they did nothing?  Annoying wasn’t it.  Either people didn’t know that Facebook wasn’t Twitter, or they crossposted using a third party tool. As predicted though, Facebook has now introduced hashtags such as #queenstownnz or #ladygaga in their posts, and they can be […]

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Facebook Page Dimensions Cheat Sheet 2013

OnlineCircle.com Facebook Dimensions Cheat Sheet

The nice folks over at http://theonlinecircle.com have created a superb cheat sheet for Facebook Page image dimensions. Facebook rules are always changing, but be aware that is IS now OK to promote your service, have arrows pointing at Like buttons, and have promo text on your cover photo now, as long as the text doesn’t take up […]

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