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Facebook Page Dimensions Cheat Sheet 2013

OnlineCircle.com Facebook Dimensions Cheat Sheet

The nice folks over at http://theonlinecircle.com have created a superb cheat sheet for Facebook Page image dimensions. Facebook rules are always changing, but be aware that is IS now OK to promote your service, have arrows pointing at Like buttons, and have promo text on your cover photo now, as long as the text doesn’t take up […]

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Facebook launches verified profile and pages

Facebook Verified Pages

Facebook has announced verified profiles and pages for high profile accounts.  Although it’s only rolled out to certain brands and celebrities with large followings, I’m sure it will be rolled out to a wide audience sometime in the future.  See Facebook Verified Profiles and Pages for more information. I think you’ll tell which page below […]

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Fully Charged Media Intro

Social Media

Welcome to Fully Charged Media. It’s always a tough one…..what to write for your first blog entry, but what better way to start than what inspired us to launch. Online is confusing.  There’s all the social networks, tripadvisor, email marketing, channel management (if you’re in tourism), local search, SEO, newsletters, online advertising….and that’s before you […]

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