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Imagine If Your Marketing Budget Justified Itself…

You know the feeling… You want to do more marketing, try different marketing channels, test something different and you need a bit more money to try it. Your boss thinks differently.  Marketing already ‘costs’ too much every year.  You’re out of sync with your financial year and it’s been fixed already. Of course they don’t […]

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Google Partner AdWords Event in Queenstown – 4th May 2016

If you are interested in advertising with Google, or are running campaigns yourself and are considering getting an agency to manage them for you, I have an event for you. I am delighted to be hosting another Google Partner Connect AdWords events in Queenstown on Wednesday 4th May, from 1.45pm until approximately 3:30pm. Venue : Queenstown […]

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How To Find Missing Messages In Facebook Messenger

How would you feel if you lost out on business leads by not seeing a message, or your friends were feeling rejected by you…and you didn’t even realise? Facebook Messenger may be doing this to you.  And it happened to me. I missed out hockey games, offers for things I was selling….and most importantly, messages […]

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Google AdWords Drops Right Hand Side Ads – What It Means

Google AdWords Removes Right Side Ads

This week you may have noticed some changes to Google Adwords in Google search results.  The right hand side adverts on desktop searches have been dropped for many searches. This change was unannounced before it happened, and discussions on this are a hot topic in digital marketing forums around the web.  But what does it mean […]

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10 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Digital Marketing In 2016

10 Digital Marketing Tips for 2016

2015 has been a great year for Fully Charged Media. I have been lucky to have been asked to do many digital audits during the year, and this has given me great insight into the current state of digital marketing particularly around tourism and hospitality. The main reason I started my business was to provide […]

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Google Partner AdWords Event in Queenstown – 30th September 2015

Digital Marketing Strategy and Review, Queenstown, NZ

I am delighted to be hosting another Google Partner Connect AdWords events in Queenstown – a live stream from Google Australia and New Zealand, exclusive to businesses in the Google Partner Program. This event will have 2 speakers from Google AU/NZ discussing how to get the most out of their products such as Google My […]

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Tourism Conversion Optimisation and Analytics – The Waypoint Conference Takeaways

Digital Marketing Conversion Optimisation For Hotels And Tourism

  The Waypoint conference was a digital conversion focused conference in Christchurch, NZ. It wasn’t about driving traffic (although that obviously was mentioned to some extent), it was about getting more out of your existing traffic…and aimed specifically at the tourism and hospitality sector – two passions of mine. This was really timely for me […]

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10 Ways To Piggyback On Your Regional Tourism Operator’s (RTO) Digital Strategy On A Shoestring Advertising Budget

How To Copy Your Destination Marketing Organisations Advertising Budget On A Shoestring

Being in New Zealand I am fortunate to be surrounded by Regional Tourism Operators, airlines and other hospitality organisations that punch above their weight when it comes to digital marketing strategies for tourism.  From Air New Zealand (with their 1m+ Facebook followers and edgy innovative videos) to my local Regional Tourism Operator, Destination Queenstown who […]

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