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Online Reviews are the form of ‘social proof’. (Almost) Gone are the days of asking a friend what to do – the new friend is online, or on your mobile phone as you try to find a cafe.

Facebook vs TripAdvisor – Join the Discussion on LinkedIn

My recent article on Facebook vs TripAdvisor introduced some of the ways users could query Facebook for recommendations, and how businesses could encourage interaction with their Facebook page.  The article prompted quite a bit of discussion on the International Luxury Hoteliers Association LinkedIn group….from loves to loathes on both platforms, and the inevitable discussion about […]

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Facebook – A Future Alternative to TripAdvisor?

Facebook have announced great plans in the travel space, and I think there’s a chance they could start to edge into TripAdvisor’s territory.  Is Facebook going to compete with TripAdvisor, or are they completely separate animals? TripAdvisor already has strong Facebook integration, but now you can review businesses on Facebook, see which businesses friends have […]

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