Client Information – Access Etc

Below you’ll find links to a list of commonly asked questions by clients which should help you going forward. This focuses on information I’ll usually need from you depending on what type of work we’re doing together.

One area covered in particular is providing me access to your online tools.  Many clients don’t have easy access to logins, and that costs a lot of time to resolve.

If you don’t have all the tools below, don’t worry I can help set them up, and optimise them too!   Just let me know.

You’ll also find links to resources on banner ad specifications if you are providing banner ads for use on the Google Display Network.

Note : unless otherwise advised otherwise please provide access to the email address darren AT

Google Analytics Access

Log into with your Google Account.

Find the right Account, and click Admin (probably at the bottom left of the screen if you have the new interface).  Click Account, and then User Management.

Note : If you don’t have access to the user’s this may indicate your agency has set up Google Analytics incorrectly initially.  This is a very common scenario.  If this is the case we suggest you migrate the current account to a new one.  In late 2016, Google finally provided the ability to do this.  We can help with that as we’ve done it many times.  This is your data, not your agencies.

Without full admin access you won’t be able to improve the data in your account by using filters and other tools.

Google My Business Access

  • Log in to using the account you own Google My Business with
  • Click “Manage Location”
  • Click “Users” on the left hand side
  • Click the “+” on the top right (it looks like two people!)
    If you don’t have this visible, the account you are using is not the owner, please find the correct owner account and log in again
  • Enter the Fully Charged Media email address you have been given to use
  • Add that user as “Manager”
  • Click “Invite”

Google Search Console Access

This is not set up very often so I can help set it up following best practises so your data doesn’t suffer.

  • Log in to  using the account you own Google Search Console with
  • On the right hand side of the relevant property click the dropdown that says “Manage Property” then “Add or Remove Users”
    If you don’t have this visible, the account you are using is not the owner, please find the correct owner account and log in again
  • Add the Fully Charged Media email address as a user with “Full” access

Google AdWords Access

To provide us access to Google AdWords please log into Google AdWords and email us the numerical Client ID.

We will then request access, so watch out for an email in the email account that owns Google AdWords then approve the request.

This avoids passing across logins and means we can manage it using the client portal.  We will have full access at this point, but will only make changes if agreed, or there is a managent contract in place.

Google Tag Manager Access

Not many clients have this setup unless an agency is setting it up on your behalf.

Log into with your Google Account.

Go to the admin section and add a new Admin user with Publish permissions.

Google AdWords Common Queries

When does Google bill my credit card?

Google invoices your account at different points during the month depending on your daily budget and the health of your account (whether it’s new, established etc).  They may invoice very slightly over your daily allowance, but only very slightly – e.g. a few dollars.  What you have as a monthly budget gets divided into a daily budget.  At the end of the month your invoice should be not more than 30.4 times your daily budget on average.  Once your account is established they’ll invoice at quite regular dates if your spend remains the same.  One account may be every $300, another may be every $1500.

How to get your Google AdWords invoices

You can retrieve your AdWords invoices by logging into Google AdWords using your Google account that was provided access.  If you don’t have it, let us know and we will sort that out (unlike other agencies who never want you to see the account).  Note you may only have read only access as we don’t want to be second guessing any changes you may make to the account when we are managing it.

Watch this video to find out how to access your invoices :

Banner Ad Specifications

If we are running a display campaign (remarketing is also a Display campaign) I may have asked you to supply banner ads.  There are three ways to get them :

  • Your existing designer supplies them (see below for warning)
  • Fully Charged Media can get them designed for you
  • We can use rapid built responsive ads from Google – cheap, but very cheerful and may not fit your ideal branding.

Fully Charged Media can supply banner ads developed by experts for a very reasonable fee if you provide branding collateral, and suggested ad copy.

Note that traditional design agencies are not always great at designing nice HTML animated banner as as they may not be familiar with the formats (I’ve spent hours going back and forth with simple errors and would have to pass that time onto you as a charge).

I can use responsive banner ads that are generated on the Google platform which will save you cost getting a designer to build banner ads. If these are used, they will not use your exact branding which is the trade off.  I can also get banners supplied by banner ad specialists at a cost effective price, as not all designers are used to creating banner ads and doing split testing.

Banner ads are best if they are HTML5.  They have to be supplied to be checked and ready to go in ZIP format.  Ideally you should supply at least two different versions of banner ads that look quite different.  The most successful ad isn’t always the prettiest or most branded, which is why I like using specialists.

The biggest things to note are they must be under 150Kb and cannot endlessly loop when animated.  30 seconds animation is the maximum.

When designing the banner ads, have a clear call to action at the end.  Website viewers may not see the first few frames, so when the animation stops, your full message must be there.

Make the banner consistent with your landing page – e.g. if you are landing on a specific offer page, ensure the banner’s message is consistent.

There are many ad varieties but the main sizes are :

728×90, 300×250,   and 160×600

Those sizes will cover most of the ads slots.

Google ad specs are here :

Detailed Ad Specs

Ad Policies – e.g content

The above are the main elements.  More information is below.

HTML5 Ads :

Full list of ad policies :,

Gmail Ads:


Is there something missing here you’d like to know?  You can check out our other digital marketing frequently asked questions, or let us know what’s missing so we can add it in here and save time for everyone in the future.