Facebook Marketing & Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Facebook can be a real time drain.  Multiple posts per day, engagement lowering due to more people online and other dilemmas.  I can set up a Facebook campaign or competition to meet your objectives, whether that’s brand awareness, or targeting single mum’s in San Diego who’s household income is over $150,000 with your new product offering.

Facebook Retargeting

You’ve probably seen adverts following you online after viewing a website.  That’s called retargeted advertising and it’s possible to do without a national retail chain’s advertising budget and you can do it on different platforms such as Google or Facebook depending on your goals.  I can work out your goals, lead times and other metrics to start keeping you top of mind with your customers, or remind them to make that booking they were in the middle of making when the phone rang.

Let Me Review Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

Let me review your Facebook account and strategy today and see if there are ways we can improve your advertising.  Facebook is probably the most demographically targeted online advertising platforms around.

As you probably know, Facebook is constantly changing and is a very different beast to the likes of Google AdWords.  There are new features coming out every month or more and I can help highlight newer methods and techniques, and ensure you are using the Facebook Pixel to get the best advantages from it.

On top of ‘standard’ advertising we can set up advanced Facebook sales funnels linked to your email marketing to build a true marketing machine.

I can also offer advanced online advertising training.

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