Online Business Setup – How To Get On Google

Are you setting up a new business, or want to ensure your business’s online presence is setup correctly online?

Let me help you through that process.

I can help you set up your business correctly online by :

  • Ensuring your business is listed in the key places to be found
  • Help your search engine optimisation in the process
  • Set up all the crucial Google tools to ensure you can measure what’s happening on your website, and be warned of any technical issues.
  • Ensure your site is submitted to all the major search engines.

Get Ranked On Google

Believe it or not, I’ve seen way too many brand new websites set up without fundamental tools and listings set up.  When a client has been told that ‘SEO has been performed’ on the website, but these tools aren’t set up, it’s a big warning sign to me.

The truth is, real search engine optimisation starts during your website brief, but you also want to ensure all the relevant listings and tools are set up as well.

What’s the point of making that investment in your website if you don’t have your business setup correctly online?

I’ve even seen clients who have had websites live for 4 years before discovering they weren’t even able to track visitors as the original developer didn’t set things up correctly.

Get Your Business On GoogleIf you’d like to ensure your business gets off to a flying start, get in touch today.

I’ll get your business on the map, and start to track your website’s return on investment.  I’ll send you a form to complete with business information and I’ll get right onto it.