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Tourism Online Marketing

Digital Marketing for hotels starts on the inside of your organisation, not just online.

The hotel industry has many components that can not only ease your day to day operations, but benefit your online presence, leading to more direct bookings, and less commissions paid out from your bottom line.

Did you know that studies suggest that if you get a one star increase in Tripadvisor ratings that you may be able to increase your daily room rate and retain the same level of occupancy?

Yet Tripadvisor isn’t the only platform you need reviews on.

When it comes to digital marketing for hotels I can improve your :

  • Local Search Rankings (e.g. ‘new york hotel’)
  • Website Ecommerce Tracking
  • Channel Management Solution
  • Online Reputation Management & Reviews
  • Boost Your Website Conversions

Although many of the digital marketing principles apply to most businesses online, some things are different online for this sector. If you have a third party booking engine it may not be a bad thing if your Google Analytics “bounce rate” is high.  If you have the right systems in place, you have several upsell opportunities at the time of booking and beyond to increase the value of that single booking to increase your revenue.

Once you have the systems and processes in place it means you can focus on the smooth running of your business, staffing and pleasing your guests so they come back again and again.

Restaurant Online Marketing

Online reviews and visibility in local, geography based searches are vital to get your restaurant found, whether you are catering for repeat local visitors or one off guests in a transient town.  You may think that your income is made up of small $50 meals here and there, but the lifetime value of that customer is likely far greater than that whether that’s counting referrals or repeat visits.

Online reviews are the current ‘word of mouth’ so it’s vital your online reputation is managed appropriately.

I recently went to search out a Christmas meal at a hotel and the first thing I saw was two negative reviews which could have easily been bumped down the listing by active website content.  Those bad reviews cost $200 in lost income, and that was only my one search.

How Can I Improve Your Revenue?

Let me know what your business goals are and I can help you get there online.

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