Webinars & Online Funnels

Webinars & Online Sales Funnels

Want to step up your online marketing a notch?

Although the latest marketing concepts talk about content marketing you can expand your reach with targeting advertising, online sales funnels and optimised landing pages to get your message across, and stay top of mind.


Webinar Sales Funnel Setup

Webinars are a great way to add valuable content to your current and future customers by delivering value added information either at cost, or as free content marketing.  Webinars don’t have to be complicated, although there may be a few technical hoops to jump through by selecting the most appropriate platform.

Webinars may seem like a fad, but they work, and they’re a great way to build a list of engaged customers, and customers that start to trust you.  Webinars could be delivered with any type of content whether it’s a real estate market update, or a voice over on a slideshow about your latest product, or a software demonstration.

Webinars can also be a great way to increase your search engine optimisation using relevant platforms.

I can set up a webinar platform linked to your website, or as a standalone offering and build a sales funnel to get clients.

Online Sales Funnels

Online Sales Funnels and Webinars

A sales funnel is just a way of guiding your customers through a path you want them to take to capture leads, or sell products.

You may not think you have a sales funnel, but if you have an email opt in form, or an online “Buy Now” button you have a sales funnel in place.

I can nurture your customers through your funnel to ensure you can measure drop out rates, tackle cart abandonment issues or offer different priced products or upsells.

I can even run a targeted “flash sales” to bring in short term income such as special offers such as discounts (cheap car valets, New Year gym membership discounts etc), to bring new clients into your sales funnel, just primed for upsells such as car maintenance or longer term contracts to increase you overall customer lifetime value.

These customers are your most engaged.  

They have already shown interest in your product.  

Are you prepared to let them walk away?

The Money Is In The List – Email Marketing

Email Marketing

You’ll often head advanced marketers say that ‘The money is in the list”.  With Facebook and other Social Media channels you are effectively leasing part of your online presence, despite no money passing hands.  Facebook changes their terms, Pinterest does the same and Google changes their algorithms dozens of times a year.

Email marketing is the cheapest form of marketing, often with the highest return on investment.

You may think you haven’t got an email list, but what about all your customers, your online orders, and your past guests?  You’ve probably got a huge asset there sitting scattered around your computers or your inbox that you just aren’t utilising.

Whether you’re a hotel with repeat guests, or a local garage that has customers in for car servicing you have an active audience that is passively waiting to be engaged.

It’s the best chance you have of increasing you total customer value, with the minimal amount of effort.

You can even do this using your existing products.

Do You Want To Know How You Can Step Your Online Marketing Up A Notch?

Let me talk to you today about increasing your revenue and total customer value.  If you’d like to know more about what I can do for you please read about my other digital marketing services.

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