Website Development Briefs

Website Design & Development Brief

Are you looking for website development for a new brief?  Stop the bus!  Let’s do this the right way and let me help you with the website brief so you don’t just get a website, but an online presence that gets your found in the moments that matter.  You’ll get more value for money and ensure you end up with not only a good looking website, but a highly functional and measurable one.

There’s quite a difference between the two.

I want to avoid you being in the situation where you get a new website, spend all your budget on it, then come to someone like me for ‘a little bit of Search Engine Optimisation’, or an online advertising campaign, only to realise your website means your SEO will never be as good as it could be, or your ads are going to cost you more due to the structure of your site.  It’ll cost you more doing it like this, and you’ll likely be disappointed with the Ferarri of a website you think you bought.

Website developers are not digital marketers.  They’re job is hard enough.

The situation I want you to avoid is spending all your budget on a new website, then wanting a ‘bit of SEO’ at the end.  Everything is easier if you work on it from the start, and you need to ensure you are allocating your budget appropriately, not just on a new website that doesn’t perform.  That’s like building a beautiful house in the middle of a forest, and forgetting to build the roads.

Do you even need a new website?

Or would that budget be better spent improving what you have, and building a marketing machine behind it (like email automation, remarketing etc).

Think about building a house, then moving in and realising the kitchen is too small.  Imagine the cost of building a bigger kitchen after the build is complete, compared to making that change at the design stage.

That’s where a solid brief for your website and your online presence as a whole comes in.

What I see all too often is a pretty looking website, but design elements have been misused instead of being used for SEO, and elements have been implemented in such a way that makes end to end tracking almost impossible.

This breakdown in the effectiveness of your website happens too often because your developers are focused on looks, not marketing functionality.


Do You Use Third Party Tools Like Booking Engines?

Implementing third party parts of your website such as booking engines is a big deal within the hotel and activity provider space.  Your web brief rarely covers off which booking engine you use, and whether it’s the best choice, let alone whether they support digital marketing.  Trust me, I’ve battled with developers on both sides of the fence for way too long, and with leading providers to know this is a real issue.


Do You Want A Leading Edge Online Presence?

Get in touch today so we can build your future online marketing machine, not just a website.  I’ll help you through the steps, explaining why each part is important so you can allocate your budget in the most appropriate places.