Queenstown’s First Google Partner

Queenstown Google Partner

I’m delighted to announce that Fully Charged Media has became a certified Google Partner – the first ever located in Queenstown.

Being a Google Partner, and becoming certified is a real honour and pleasure for me and it was granted to me at the end of 2014 – a great way to finish off a year after lots of training, a couple of overseas visits, and certification.


What does being a Google Partner mean?

Being a Google Partner bring many benefits with the main ones being that I have access to exclusive industry insights, ways to escalate issues and insider knowledge of the latest trends and features being announced, particularly in the online advertising space.  Prior to that I was certified in a couple of Google products, and I had to achieve a significant ad spend with Google, and ensure that all accounts under my management are of significant quality which exceeds the standard AdWords accounts.

What does this mean for you?

For you this means that you can rest assured that your campaigns will be running effectively, using the latest features available, and maximising your online advertising spend which amongst other things means :

  • Your campaigns will be running effectively
  • You Ads will receive the maximum exposure and screen ‘real estate’ by using the latest features
  • You will get good reporting and tracking of your online ad spend
  • Your cost per click are likely to be lower due to a quality account
  • Your end to end advertising process will be optimised

If you are a new advertiser I can also help you on your way by providing access to some promotional offers to start off your ad campaign.


Benefits Of Working With a Google Partner

Many individuals and agencies ‘do AdWords’ but quite often it’s an add on to their services which may mean they are not actively keeping up to date with the latest features.  As with many online platforms, it appears to be very easy to create an account, throw in some keywords and get ads up and running, but there are many hidden costs with this approach.

Your online ads are the most visible part of your ad campaign but an effective ad campaign really needs to take into account your advertising aims, ad relevancy, the advertising platform (search / display / remarketing), and the whole end to end user experience.  Whether your website is mobile friendly, the content of your ads, split testing your ads, and the quality and content of your landing pages all have a significant impact on the cost and effectiveness of each campaign.

Every account I’ve reviewed has been wasting money on AdWords by not being set up correctly.


Can I Run AdWords In House?

Of course you can run an AdWords campaigns in house, but in my experience, more often than not that can lead to ineffective campaigns.

I’ve seen campaigns running where one third of their budget was being wasted on irrelevant traffic and clicks.

Often in house staff have 100’s of other things to do other than running ad campaigns so there’s just not enough time in the day to keep up to date.


Google Analytics Certified

Whilst not being a requirement of getting Google Partner status, I’ve taken the next steps and became certified in Google Analytics as well.  Many agencies will see data analysis and advertising as two separate skill sets but for me they are intertwined.  I’m pretty obsessed with being able to track as much as possible to measure results and this often means I discover some quirks with online setups for measuring and tracking performance.  I find it amazing how many businesses will track revenue constantly (for obvious reasons) but not measure the impact of online whether that be the number of email leads, bookings or some more in depth website visitor analysis.

Often this won’t be set up correctly by your web developer as that is a very different skill set.  I’m qualified to say that as I’ve work in software development for years and I know that building a website is more complex that throwing together some pretty pages, but it still amazes me how many times I see a website that’s been built for what could be thousands of dollars, but it lacks the most basic online tracking to measure results – some sites don’t even have analytics installed, and I’m not just talking about one man bands here – I’ve seen this on major websites.


Cost Savings Of Working With Me

If you have a more streamlined campaign it may mean you have to pay less for your ad spend and your management costs are covered by this.  The other scenario is your money is likely to go further as you won’t be spending it on people who click on your ads that have no interest in your product or offer.

I’ve also seen many campaigns that aren’t tracked effectively.  This can often happen due to individuals just not being aware of what can be tracked, and how to measure the more important metrics.  In some cases this may mean a campaign is stopped as it’s perceived to be ineffective, but I’ve ran campaigns that with the correct tracking in place have pushed the measurable return on investment up several hundred percent.  If this campaign was stopped, it would have been a very poor decision, just because the correct tracking wasn’t in place.

This tracking does take some more effort, but most people wouldn’t run a print ad or get a brochure done without having it professionally designed, and online advertising shouldn’t be any different.  Having this level of tracking in place also means you can make more informed decisions on what to invest in more, and what to cut back on.

Want To Start Or Improve Your Online Advertising?

If you want to work with me on your next campaign, or get me to review your existing campaigns, please get in contact today and let me know what you’re looking to achieve online.  You can be sure that I’ll put in that extra effort to ensure you have a managed, tracked campaign of the highest quality.




Darren Craig

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