Do You Depend Too Much on One Traffic Source?

What happens if you rely on one traffic source and it goes down, or the algorithms change?

Here’s the video transcript :

What will you do when the most important traffic source for your business goes down? That was my thought for the day when I was out for my morning walk today as I heard of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp was, was down and it was causing chaos for lots of businesses. I even had the Facebook employees couldn’t get into their offices because they were so dependent on their own systems to be able to access meeting rooms and stuff.

I’m not sure if that’s true or not, but that’s what I heard. I was watching Shark Tank last night, where there was a business that spent $3 million a year on Facebook ads. Now there are plenty businesses in the world that will spend that and more, but what happens if that’s your main traffic source and it goes down for a day, let alone for a week or let alone if algorithms change.

Now nine times out of ten, quite often what people will come to us asking us about digital marketing is “I need a strategy for Facebook”, “I need a strategy for Instagram”, but what you’ve also got got to realize that’s just a piece of the puzzle. Your organic reach on Facebook is way lower than your organic reach on a well optimized website.

And that’s where it should always start. It’s not to say that Facebook, Instagram, and that isn’t important because it’s actually crushing it for many businesses. But this is when you start to think if you don’t have good email marketing in place for your e-commerce store, you’re losing a lot of revenue and your you’re risking your business.

If you’re not paying attention to your slow website in the background, that’s that’s costing your search engine rankings, you’re losing out on business. So it’s really important to take that holistic approach, because this is a time where your Google reviews or email and everything will kick in to play and be a backup to the other traffic sources, because you’ve got that holistic approach to digital. So have a think about that today.

What happens if you only rely on one source and do you actually have the right digital marketing priorities in place, or are you building a solid foundation and systems and processes in place so that you can grow your business, become more visible and get more business?

Darren Craig

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