Want to Pick My Brain ?

If none of these suit, then you can use the "Pick My Brain" service below.

Pick My Brain

"I just wanted to run that past you and pick your brain"

I hear that a lot as I've been called a 'digital go to guy', and many people want to run things by me. Unfortunately that takes some time which is usually spent with clients, and to be honest I don't spend enough time with my loved ones, and jeez I can't remember the last time I found time to go paragliding or pursuing other hobbies to help keep me sane.

But if you'd like to pick my brain, I have a service for you below and it's called "Pick My Brain".

  • Click the link below and answer a few questions about your situation
  • Schedule a 60 minute time slot for $200 NZD (approx $140 USD / £100)
  • Log into Skype at the allocated time