Thanks for wanting to get in touch.  If you are looking for help with your digital strategy or implementation please provide as much background information as possible.

I can’t provide proposals without understanding your business, what you are prepared to invest, and what you have tried before and your previous experiences.  I want to provide the best service I can, so will require the best information.

Unfortunately enquiries like “I need some SEO, please send me a proposal” is like asking an architect “Please tell me how much it will cost for my house”.

The architect needs to understand your budget, what you like, what size of house you want and a lot more.  The same goes for an advertising proposal.  Please don’t say “I’ll invest whatever it takes if it gives me a positive return”, then say $1500 is too much.  That’s a waste of your time and mine, and I respect your time a lot.

If you are selling SEO services from India or elsewhere, save your time and please don’t contact me. ;-)

If the above encourages you, please send me through some information about your situation, and let’s make an awesome plan together.