An incorrect Google Analytics setup costs you money

The old version of Google Analytics has probably stopped recording data for your website, or will do soon.
Like the previous version, many people have had this set up incorrectly, even by developers or agencies and this leads to incorrect information and ad campaigns that cannot optimise as they don't have the correct conversion data being given to them.

If you'd like your Google Analytics 4 checked out, book a call today....

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We'll help you deliver what you need, not just what you want.

We'll do things the right way, not just the fastest way.

Let's have a chat with you to highlight areas to empower your online presence, and ensure everything is tracked. 


We won't hijack you like other agencies. Everything will be done under your account, with your ownership. Sure, we want to be long term partners, but we won't hold accounts hostage-it's your data after all.


You'll always know what we're doing and any results will be within your analytics, not just some random report. 

Digital Marketing Audit Review Queenstown New Zealand


We prefer the term finding digital marketing 'areas of improvements'.  We've done over 100 comprehensive digital marketing reviews to find areas of improvements across the digital marketing spectrum for many businesses.  We're often shocked what we find as these areas of improvements are costing businesses money. Even simple tweaks can take a business from page 4 to page 1, or make algorithms for paid media work better.  It doesn't matter if we look at a self built site, or a $100k project, we often find similar 'oversights' (mistakes).

This digital marketing assessment can cover the whole journey from business listings such as Google My Business through to your search engine optimisation, site speed, advertising campaigns and Google Analytics and Facebook conversion tracking.

In almost every review we find implementation issues, and businesses under reporting their success... or not having a clue where to start to improve due to overwhelm.

We'll do an initial call with you to find out where you are, get access to all your digital assets, then get to work and do a comprehensive two hour handover.  We're a strong believer in making the most out of what you have. We'll uncover design issues, technical issues and tracking isses so you can amplify your online success, more more importantly we'll talk through it so you can understand why any changes are important.  We won't just deliver a fluffy report with a useless scorecard.

Sometimes little tweaks can make big improvements.

Get in touch if you'd like your digital marketing audited to find areas of improvement, and work on your priorities and strategy going forward.

Tourism Marketing Specialists

Tourism & Hospitality is one of our specialist industries for digital marketing. We've worked with several of the major booking engines like Synxis, Siteminder, Booking Button, Resbook, Rezdy and more and know the nuances behind them and how they support (or don't!) your digital marketing and tracking.

Most tourism businesses we've encountered are not tracking their digital marketing correctly and many have had setups which are killing their online presence throughout the booking lifecycle. Let us discuss the best approach for your tourism business to help cut down on commissions paid to 3rd party booking agents, lower your booking costs, increase your revenue per guest, and ensure your listings on OTAs are following best practice.

Get in touch if you'd like help with your digital marketing for hotels and tourism operators.

Digital Marketing For Ecommerce Sites

ecommerce Digital Marketing

We are specialists in mapping your customer journey onto your ecommerce store to find areas of improvement and growth from awareness through Google Shopping and search ads as well as organic SEO, through to dynamic remarketing audiences and email marketing.

We are specialists in managing Google Ads for ecommerce and ensuring you have the back end systems such as email automations in place to grow lifetime customer value.  We are partners with multiple ecommerce email providers to ensure you get full visibility of your customer on your Shopify or WooCommerce store.  We've also been trained by the best Facebook marketers for ecommerce ad campaign implementation.

Get in touch if you'd like help with your digital marketing for ecommerce.

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Google advertising specialists & google analytics GURUS

Most businesses we work for are not tracking what they should be and that means the algorithms on Google and Facebook cannot optimise your advertising spend. There's no point in having machine learning, if you can't feed the machine the right data!

We are specialists at driving relevant traffic to your websites, and tracking and analysing the data behind that and organic visitors. We know data, and more importantly we really understand how much it can help empower decisions within your business. Don't be like the 95% of businesses we meet who don't have the fundamentals of Google Analytics or your Facebook pixel (now "Meta Pixel" and conversions set up. We've helped transition many businesses from not understanding their online presence through to looking at data on a daily or weekly basis, and analysing their campaigns.

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Client success stories

We've helped over 350 businesses with their digital marketing and spoken to many more.  We don't have a ton of logos to show off, just look at our Google reviews, and some testimonials below.

We've been around digital marketing for years and have been in the game long before the Facebook 'boost' button arrived ;-> )



We increased room bookings by 100 in a month

"Within 6 weeks of taking one of Darren's online courses we increased room bookings by 100 in a month" and my staff noticed the increase in phone calls for reservations. I refuse to let the online travel agents take advantage of us, and this course fast tracked my education by at least 6 months, maybe more. The course "really identified with a time strapped owner operator" and was "extremely helpful and not overwhelming".

Krishan Patel , Owner, New Valdosta Inn & Suites and Hilltop Garden Inn, Georgia, USA

Just what I needed to help grow my business

Darren was just what I needed to help grow my business - both local and online. He responded to an ad I'd put in the local paper and I've been more than pleased. Not only did he give me a great recommendation for a web platform but he helped me build it (even with copy) and get it live very quickly (in fact he was usually waiting on me). He has a great depth of digital/online marketing. He knows exactly how to get people to find you, and then how to build on that. I will continue to use Darren to consult for me on online advertising and continuing to make the most of my website. I'd highly recommend Darren - he is very pleasant to work with, efficient, and knows how to get results! Source : LinkedIn

Sonia Voldseth , Owner, Revolutionary Life Coaching

His dedication to completing a job to the highest standard is impressive marketing

Darren is an extremely driven professional and is a pleasure to work with. His passion when it comes to online marketing knows no bounds. He is one of the most knowledgeable people in the online marketing industry that I have come across. His dedication to completing a job to the highest standard is impressive and he is a breath of fresh air when it come to brain storming ways to improve my online marketing. I highly recommend Darren and I look forward to working with him more in the future. Source: LinkedIn

Ciara McDermott , Marketing Manager, Millbrook Resort

I'm slammed with work and we're appearing on Google in number 1

I fix cars, and technology is a new field to me. To be honest I was a bit skeptical but it turns out what Darren said isn't b*****it after all! I'm slammed with work and we're appearing on Google in number 1 for all desired search terms. I've also got in a big order on a new product offering from a new client. Darren was also recommending more advanced solutions but we're too busy already. Highly Recommended.

Adrian Jones , Owner, Mechanic, Alpine Auto

Strong, clearcut strategy

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your digital marketing workshop which focused on constructive social media practice. Although I'm already an avid promoter of my business through many social media platforms I learnt a ton of new things that I can immediately apply the first being the importance to not just participate but to have a strong clearcut strategy when engaging in this type of business promotion from the start.

Thanks again

Rich Bayley , Photographer

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