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Imagine If Digital Marketing Was Easy

Darren Craig Online Marketing, Queenstown, New Zealand
Imagine if you knew your online presence is working for you, and you are getting the maximum return for your investment online?

Imagine you have someone you can trust to help you with your digital priorities that really cares about your business goals both online and off, your business reputation and not just about selling you a website?

Yes, someone who really asked you about your business aspirations, and genuinely wanted to get you more customers, more leads, grow your bottom line, and who cares about your online reputation?

Imagine if they were also mad keen on tracking and reporting to prove it’s not just fluff?

I’m Here To Help You

Perhaps you’ve made a significant investment in a website but you’re just not convinced it’s working as well as it could, or you have an AdWords campaign but you’re not sure if it’s working or not.  Maybe you’ve even just shot a video and want to know how to make the most of it?

I’m here to ensure your online presence brings you more revenue, not just whether it looks good or not.

I’m also passionate about training and educating people.

With over 20 years experience in technology and marketing I can see the bigger picture of what matters online today.  I’m here to bring you clarity on your priorities and what will give you the most “bang for your buck” online.

I’m not here to sell you a website.  I’m not here to try and manage your social media for you.  But I can tell you what’s important to make them work, either for your existing presence, or when creating a new one.

I’m here to help you improve your revenue and leads with a better online presence than what you have today, and I’ll track and measure it to show what difference it can make.

What I Can Do For You

I have a passion for demystifying online into simple actionable steps that is aligned with your business, not getting in the way of it.

I have a strong track record helping people like you, particularly in tourism and hospitality.  I have :

  • Improved a website’s traffic by 140% compared to the same time the previous year
  • Saved many companies wasted spend in existing AdWords campaigns
  • Coached and mentored many businesses to find the best solutions to meet their needs
  • Got a local business to number 1 in Google for their key search terms after years of being nowhere
  • Implemented eCommerce tracking for hotels to demonstrate how much revenue their website is bringing
  • Tidied up many an online brand in places they didn’t even know existed

I’m A Google Partner

As well as the above, I am :

  • An official Google Partner
  • Certified in Google Adwords
  • Certified in Google Analytics
  • Trained by Top AdWords experts
  • Trained by some of the world’s leading online marketing experts

Yes, I love learning too and I’m constantly reading up on, and implementing the latest digital marketing techniques that are a lot more than just building websites (not that that’s easy).  I also attend Google Masterclasses, webinars and go on advanced training courses and attend conferences in this area so I can stay at the top of my game.  I’m a member of two very high end digital marketing groups where I learn about not only what’s working me with, but what’s working in different industries and markets.

I work alongside clients as though I’m working on my own business and provide a honesty and transparency that often isn’t present in the digital world.

I only recommend solutions that I would implement if your business was mine.

I take a much wider perspective of your online presence than your web developer will, which means you can target your budget more appropriately.

More About Me

Despite being very passionate about digital marketing, I’m not just another SEO geek as I know how many platforms work and how they should feed off each other, and how to make the most of them.

I live in Queenstown, the tourism mecca of New Zealand, and the adventure capital of the world.  In my spare time I paddle kayaks, fly paragliders, go skiing and snowboarding, do some gentle off roading in my truck, and am a bit nuts by swimming in the lake when I can (it’s bloody cold).

But to be honest, I don’t do enough of those to be quite as cool as I may sound ;-)

I also love travel, almost to the extent that the weirder the place, the more wonderful I find it.  I’ve travelled to almost 70 countries, volunteered in Borneo, travelled to places like Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Mongolia, as well the the ‘normal’ places like South East Asia.   Although I don’t do quite as much of that as I used to either (New Zealand’s a bit out on it’s own down here!), I’m always humbled how people with the least give the most.

I’m also very passionate about where I live in New Zealand, despite it being pretty much the opposite end of the world to the other place I’m very passionate about – my home country of Scotland.

Due to this I’ve volunteered in committees to bring TEDx talks and Startup Weekend’s to Queenstown, and go along to Chamber of Commerce and other local events.  I also love training and coaching both online and offline to help others succeed with their digital marketing.

Want Me To Bring You More Revenue?

Get in touch today via darren@fullychargedmedia.com, call me on +64 (0)217 43107*, or fill in the form below to line up a chat.

* – I’m in New Zealand (GMT +13 hours in summer).

Complete the contact form below and we’ll work on a plan together.


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