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Improve Your Online Tracking & 
Deploy Updates Without Your Web Developer Being A Bottleneck

This Google Tag Manager training course will give you a solid foundation to implement one of the best tools for tracking your return on investment online.  Google Tag Manager takes away a lot of the pains of cross domain tracking, and having to rely on your web developer to implement changes on every single form, phone number and email click.

One you get a simple bit of code on your website, you can do all updates and deployment inside Tag Manager, without requiring ANY updates to your website!  That's like magic. 

When using Google Tag Manager, you need to know how to approach your tagging to ensure new elements are tracked without any additional effort, and be aware of how to name and deploy elements.  The best thing is you can start simply by just replacing your Google Analytics, and build up from there.

Implementing Tag Manager for clients has given far greater insights as tracking can be deployed faster, cheaper, and more widely without relying on your developer.

For those in the know, deploying a website without using Google Tag Manager is almost a crime.  In the not too distant future this tool will be used as freely as Google Analytics.

Get ahead of the pack now, and grow your Google Tag Manager knowledge today.

Faster Deployments

Get Better Data = More Informed Decisions

Make More Revenue

A Few Questions For You :

  • Do you have that feeling niggling away at you, thinking you just aren't tracking what you should be online?
  • How would you feel if you could track things better, look even better to your boss, and get things done faster?
  • Are you fed up waiting for your web developer to implement changes, or the cost of it, and would like more  control?
  • How would you feel knowing that new phone numbers, email addresses or forms added to your website are tracked without any additional effort?
  • Imagine being able to deploy your Facebook Pixel, Remarketing Tags and other tags without having to make any changes to your website?

Trust me I've spent HOURS going round in circles trying to get developers to make changes to website tracking.  It's painful, and it costs a LOT of time.

If you answered 'hell yeah', or like the sound of any of the above then this course is for you!

What’s covered in this course?

Google Tag Manaager Training Course Queenstown NZ
Google Tag Manager Online Training
  • An overview of the importance of a tag management solution (Facebook pixel, Analytics, Heatmap tracking...and more tags!)
  • The ease of deploying tracking codes using GTM instead of through your developer
  • Migrating simple Google Analytics tracking code into Google Tag Manager
  • How to structure your tags to get maximum benefit with least effort going forward
  • Simple (initial) tweaks to your website to make your tracking easier - this may not even be required!
  • How to track Google Analytics Events via Tag Manager to give you a Google Analytics 'powerhouse' solution!
  • Understand the lifecycle from Tag Manager through to tracking goals within Google Analytics and tools like Facebook and Google AdWords
  • Deploying your Facebook Pixel via Google Tag Manager

Why pick this course over others?

I’ve installed and configured several Google Tag Manager (GTM)deployments and am aware of best practices to use to save time, and how to make it easiest for your web developer (having been a developer myself!).  I've also deployed GTM on ecommerce stores such as WooCommerce, although the base course won't cover that level of detail (I wouldn't want to scare you off!)

This course will :

  • Give you a practical guide to setting up Google Tag Manager starting with baby steps through to detailed tracking.
  • Cover implementation strategies that will ensure future additions to your website are automatically tracked using Google Analytics events!
  • To get the most out of Google Tag Manager, you need to have some fundamental Google Analytics knowledge.  This course will cover that too.

Want to ensure you have some solid Google Analytics training first?

Check out this Google Analytics online training course.


We increased room bookings by 100 in a month

"Within 6 weeks of taking one of Darren's online courses we increased room bookings by 100 in a month" and my staff noticed the increase in phone calls for reservations. I refuse to let the online travel agents take advantage of us, and this course fast tracked my education by at least 6 months, maybe more. The course "really identified with a time strapped owner operator" and was "extremely helpful and not overwhelming".

Krishan Patel , Owner, New Valdosta Inn & Suites and Hilltop Garden Inn, Georgia, USA

I live and breath analytics. I love data driven marketing and have seen the benefits of getting the right setup to ensure your marketing success.

I’m a certified individual in Google Analytics as well as a badged Google Partner and have run many training courses in this area both in person and online.

How to Take this Course?

This course is not available on demand yet.  I run this course as a one on one session online (location no object) where we can have a look at your individual circumstances to get personalised one on one help.

If you are based in New Zealand you may be eligible for the NZTE Regional Business Partners capability scheme as Fully Charged Media are a a registered service provider. Please speak to your local Chamber of Commerce for more information.

Want to do this one-on-one?

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