The Fundamentals Of SEO

Search Engine Optimisation

What Matters Online Today & Why?

Websites are a key component of your online presence, but all too often they are not designed to be found or convert. Your web developer is too busy dealing with the complexities of different browsers, databases and other tech nightmares, and is not a digital marketer.

This course will help you increase the visibility of your website on search engines, drive more traffic and generate more revenue for your business by ensure your online presence is holistic and your website is not designed as just an online brochure.

Perhaps you are about to implement a new website or critique your current one to improve your search engine rankings?

This course is for you and is available in person or online!

Note this course is currently being added to an online site. We can run customised one on one versions of this in person or online.

Improve Your
Search Rankings

Improve Your Guest Journey & User Experience

Increase Revenue

SEO Course Benefits

Don’t just design an online brochure. Design a website that gets found by search engines, beats your competitors and converts to bring you more revenue. Learn how to structure your website correctly for search engines, and ensure your business is represented correctly online in the moments that matter online. From Local SEO to third party business listings and ‘spying’ on your competitors, it’s all covered in this course.

What’s Covered In This Course?

SEO Course Online Training
Search Engine Optimisation WordPress Training
  • Discover a 5 Character Command For Google To Get A Bird's Eye View of Your SEO
  • Esssential Tools to Measure Your Website’s Effectiveness
  • Simple Techniques I’ve Used To Boost Visitors By 139.73%
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Tips ‘n’ Tricks
  • Structure Your Content For Search Engine Ranking Results (SEO)
  • The Importance Of 3rd Party Websites For Your Brand
  • How To Compare Your Rank Against Competitors(The Right Way To Measure Results)
  • Why I Don’t Care What Your Company Name Is In Search Results (and why you shouldn’t either)
  • See SEO Examples For WordPress

Why pick this course over others?

You'll find many courses on SEO, WordPress Search Engine Optimisation and lots of other variants.  This course takes a wider view of your entire online presence to ensure you don't just focus on one area, and neglect the rest.  To really have a good online presence for your business you need to be found in the moments that matter, where your customers are looking, and this may not be on your website.

Without taking a holistic approach to your online presence, and thinking about your website structure for SEO, and not just the individual page elements, your online presence, and revenue, will suffer.

To get this good rounded online presence you need to ensure you split your budget accordingly, and don't end up spending it all (whether it's time or money!) on just your website.  I've met too many clients who have spoken to me after blowing their budget, then working out how to make their website 'work'.


We increased room bookings by 100 in a month

"Within 6 weeks of taking one of Darren's online courses we increased room bookings by 100 in a month" and my staff noticed the increase in phone calls for reservations. I refuse to let the online travel agents take advantage of us, and this course fast tracked my education by at least 6 months, maybe more. The course "really identified with a time strapped owner operator" and was "extremely helpful and not overwhelming".

Krishan Patel , Owner, New Valdosta Inn & Suites and Hilltop Garden Inn, Georgia, USA

This course has been taught to many in a group and one to one basis, and it now brought online to help more businesses.

I’m a certified individual in Google Analytics as well as a badged Google Partner and have run many training courses in this area both in person and online.

How to Take this Course?

You can take this course online at your own leisure. I can also run this course at a premium price as a one on one session where we can have a look at your individual circumstances to get personalised one on one help.

If you are based in New Zealand you may be eligible for the NZTE Regional Business Partners capability scheme as Fully Charged Media are a a registered service provider. Please speak to your local Chamber of Commerce for more information.  Please note this scheme is not applicable to online courses.

Want to do this one-one-one?

Contact me to arrange a one on one online course delivered live via screenshare today.