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Track Your Return On Investment & Improve Your Online Presence

Most businesses would never hire an employee, pay them a bunch of cash, and never expect a return from them, but this happens every day when it comes to your online presence. A new website is put live, then sometimes many months later you are unsure what you’re getting out of it and wonder whether the initial investment was worth it.

This Google Analytics course starts with an introduction to the concepts around tracking your website using Google Analytics, and steps through common mistakes then into advanced topics to ensure you understand the metrics that matter, how visitors are using your website, how to track and monitor them yourself, and how you can use the data to improve your online guest experience.

If you are thinking of starting a new website, or revamping an existing one, this course is a great primer for this process as you’ll be able to find out what’s currently working on your site, what’s not, and how to guide your new web development to ensure it’s easy to track your returns.

If you have an existing online presence you’ll discover how to measure and track it to help discover the value being returned, and where the valuable visitors are coming from.

Note this course is currently being updated in a membership site but we can run this in person or online.

Improve User Experience

Make Better Decisions

Make More Revenue

A Few Questions For You :

  • Do you know what value you are getting from each online marketing channel?
  • Do you know if it’s worth renewing the paid advertising (banners, listings etc) on third party websites?
  • Are you spending a lot of time on social media, but unsure what returns you are getting from it?
  • Do you understand how to improve the clickthrough rate from your organic search results?
  • Do you know how many phone calls and enquiries you are getting from your website, and where those visitors are coming from?
  • Are you confident your Google Analytics is set up so it’s not giving you misleading information?
  • Do you have an online booking engine or widget, and has it been implemented correctly by your website developer so it’s not breaking your data?
  • Can you confidently use your Google Analytics to justify your marketing spend?
  • Do you actually own your Google Analytics data? (or has your agency set it up incorrectly?)
  • Do you know which questions to ask of your booking engine to ensure they can provide the right marketing data for you?

If you answered no, or are unsure of any of the above then this course is for you!

Whats’s covered in this course?

  • Discover how to track your social media returns (and Email, Advertising and more)
  • How to help justify your marketing spend (Are those campaigns and Ads really worth it?)
  • Understand how to measure your business goals online
  • Discover where you’re losing visitors online
  • How to guide your website developers to ensure it’s easy to track returns with your new project
  • How to set up goals and funnels to discover where your users are dropping out
  • How to track your online (and offline!) campaigns with just a few extra commands
  • Discover the demographics of your website visitors(are they really what you expect?)
  • BONUS : Google Tag Manager and Universal Analytics Overview

Why pick this course over others?

This course is based on real life scenarios and issues I’ve seen on many Google Analytics installations. In my experience, about 90% of businesses aren’t tracking what they could be. The beauty of digital marketing is you can track pretty much everything if you invest the resources up front, and this could save you thousands going forward.

I’ve performed several Analytics audits which have uncovered scenarios like the following :

  • Analytics being set up incorrectly by web developers which means you’ll never own your data
  • Implementations of websites with third party booking engines that make it impossible for you to track your returns
  • Analytics accounts that have misleading data meaning you’re likely to make the wrong marketing decisions
  • Insights that uncover a completely different demographic of users than the business owner realised

We increased room bookings by 100 in a month

"Within 6 weeks of taking one of Darren's online courses we increased room bookings by 100 in a month" and my staff noticed the increase in phone calls for reservations. I refuse to let the online travel agents take advantage of us, and this course fast tracked my education by at least 6 months, maybe more. The course "really identified with a time strapped owner operator" and was "extremely helpful and not overwhelming".

Krishan Patel , Owner, New Valdosta Inn & Suites and Hilltop Garden Inn, Georgia, USA

I live and breath analytics. I love data driven marketing and have seen the benefits of getting the right setup to ensure your marketing success.

I’m a certified individual in Google Analytics as well as a badged Google Partner and have run many training courses in this area both in person and online.

How to take this course?

You can take this course online at your own leisure. I can also run this course at a premium price as a one on one session where we can have a look at your individual circumstances to get personalised one on one help.

If you are based in New Zealand you may be eligible for the NZTE Regional Business Partners capability scheme as Fully Charged Media are a a registered service provider. Please speak to your local Chamber of Commerce for more information.

Want to do this one-on-one?

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