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Email Marketing Course

Email is consistently scored as the marketing channel with the highest return on investment, however for businesses that don’t use it it seems to be very easy to put off. Perhaps we send too many work and personal emails, but email marketing is easy to start out with, and becomes a powerhouse if you add in some marketing automation and segmentation.

Highest Returning
Marketing Channel

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Email Marketing Course Benefits

This course will help you get more out of email marketing whether you’re a seasoned emailer or just getting started. This course covers areas from email marketing platform selection, tracking your campaigns, through to content tips to increase open rates and click throughs through, to segmentation. The course will also cover basic improvements you can make.

After this course you’ll realise why email can be so much more interesting – sell the click, sell the open, sell the product – don’t try and do it all in the subject!

What’s covered in this course?

Email Marketing Course Online NZ
  • Boost Revenue From Your Existing Contacts
  • How To Track Return On Investment From Email
  • Pros and Cons Of Different Email Marketing Platforms
  • Split Testing Emails – Boost Your Open and Click Through Rates
  • Increase Engagement – Spicing Up That Email Title, And Selling In Stages
  • An Intro to Email Marketing Automation

Why pick this course over others?

This course is based on real life scenarios, third party research and is will give you a great grounding in email marketing, without getting into the technical details.

This course introduces way more than the usual 'just get a MailChimp account' type advice :

  • You'll find out why MailChimp may not be the best solution for you (it's being blown out the water by some newcomers!)
  • You'll discover how to use email more effectively
  • You'll get insights into the latest ways to use email for marketing

We increased room bookings by 100 in a month

"Within 6 weeks of taking one of Darren's online courses we increased room bookings by 100 in a month" and my staff noticed the increase in phone calls for reservations. I refuse to let the online travel agents take advantage of us, and this course fast tracked my education by at least 6 months, maybe more. The course "really identified with a time strapped owner operator" and was "extremely helpful and not overwhelming".

Krishan Patel , Owner, New Valdosta Inn & Suites and Hilltop Garden Inn, Georgia, USA

I live and breath digital marketing, and love getting more out of each platform you use.

I’m a certified individual in Google Analytics, Google AdWords as well as a badged Google Partner, and have run many training courses in this area both in person and online.

How to take this course?

This course is not available on demand online yet.  Please get in touch and we can arrange a one on one session using online conferencing facilities.

If you are based in New Zealand you may be eligible for the NZTE Regional Business Partners capability scheme as Fully Charged Media are a a registered service provider. Please speak to your local Chamber of Commerce for more information.

Want to do this one-on-one?

Contact me to arrange a one on one online course delivered live via screenshare today.