Our Philosophy

So you’re wondering what Fully Charged Media is about?

We’re about utilising all forms of digital marketing to bring real returns to your business.

No bullshit claims and guarantees that can’t be fulfilled, just leading edge strategies to ensure you set up your business online correctly and maximise the returns from your budget, both time and money.

Fully Charged Media was set up, not just to ride the digital marketing bandwagon and be a ‘social media marketer’ like everyone else.  Fully Charged Media was set up after being a software developer for over 20 years in leading edge projects like online banking when Darren realised how the majority of businesses just weren’t getting the right rounded advice on digital marketing.

Without the right advice, at the right time, you won’t be making the most of your online presence.

Yes, we’re sick of the lack of care, and the lack of details provided by people who ‘dabble’ in marketing, or the developer who thinks he can do AdWords, or people who run marketing campaigns without tracking the returns.  We get frustrated when business owners don’t get thing explained to them, as at the end of the day, it hurts the industry as some sell snake oil.

Trust us, we’ve seen it all.  ‘Agencies’ that sell websites for tens of thousands of dollars with no marketing features on them, and no way of tracking results or key performance indicators.  ‘AdWords’ people who run campaigns without linking them to your analytics, and many agencies who just take the easy way out.

That’s why Darren likes to think of himself as a digital marketing unicorn.  He’ll go the extra mile to solve problems, and he won’t pretend or bullshit an answer if it’s not known.  That’s why he’s persevered with booking engines for months to get the right solution, and the solution providers ending up asking him for advice on how to implement features on their systems!

So if you want to do things right, and are willing to invest the time and effort to do it right first time, to save you money in the long term, get in touch today, whether it’s the Pick My Brain service, working out a digital marketing strategy, or your online advertising campaigns, or sorting out your Google Analytics.

Rest assured, we’ll only provide advice based on what we would do if your business was ours, and we were in your position.