Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy and Review, Queenstown, NZ

Are you looking for a complete digital marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals, and within the capacity of your team (even if that’s just you!)?  We can work with you to explore where you’re at, where you want to get to, and work out the best plan of attack which will cover areas like below (but this is far from an exhaustive list) :

  • How to set up a marketing machine
  • Marketing automation
  • Setting elements up correctly to track value from your online presence
  • Looking at any existing analytics to identify areas of improvement
  • Correct campaign tracking
  • Getting more out of the platforms you use
    (whether that’s your website, Facebook, YouTube, local listings, online travel agents and more)
  • A content calender and ideas for content
  • Best practice procedures
  • Identifying any gaps in your current online presence
  • Identifying potential training areas to upskill your team
  • Answering questions you didn’t realise you needed to know the answer to!

All this will be done in an open and transparent way to get the best results for your business, aligned with your goals whether they are increasing your visibility, getting more direct bookings, or extracting more value out of your existing customers.

Regardless of which platforms you are currently using we’ll ensure you are reaping the benefits of them so they’re optimised, and you can measure them.  There’s a lot more to get out of Facebook than just posting and complaining about reduced reach.

We can talk about more advanced tactics if that’s suitable for you, but the main focus will be simple, practical solutions.

It would be great to be updating every single platform under the sun – YouTube, your website, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Pinterest etc., but is that practical for you?

I often compare digital marketing to a big jigsaw puzzle.

It’s about placing the pieces you can to form a bigger picture, and aiming to place more pieces than your competitors.


Without measuring your journey, you don’t know where you’ve ended up, or where you’re going.

On a holiday that may be a lot of fun, but in business it’s risky.

Let’s work on an achievable strategy for your digital marketing to make online work for you.

What Do You Want To Achieve Online?

Let me know what your business goals are and I can help you get there online.  If this isn’t for you have a look at my other digital marketing services.