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Online Advertising is critical to your digital marketing strategy. Read about the best tips and tricks for your online marketing covering Google AdWords advertising, Facebooks Ads, Remarketing and more.

Maybe The Best Facebook Campaign For Queenstown Tourism Just Now

If you’re a tourism or activity provider in Queenstown. there’s a great Facebook advertising campaign that you should be testing right now. If you’ve heard me talk, or been on any of my courses, you’ll know I’m a passionate advocate of getting more out of the platforms you are currently using online, whether it’s your […]

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Why Facebook Is The Most Targeted Ad Platform For Demographics

Facebook Demographics Advert Targeting

If you want to buy something you go to a store.  Seems obvious right? Online is just the same.  What you really want to buy is traffic to your website, and ideally traffic either matching your target demographic, or with an intent to purchase your product which solves the problem, or need, your customer has. […]

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Google AdWords Drops Right Hand Side Ads – What It Means

Google AdWords Removes Right Side Ads

This week you may have noticed some changes to Google Adwords in Google search results.  The right hand side adverts on desktop searches have been dropped for many searches. This change was unannounced before it happened, and discussions on this are a hot topic in digital marketing forums around the web.  But what does it mean […]

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10 Ways To Piggyback On Your Regional Tourism Operator’s (RTO) Digital Strategy On A Shoestring Advertising Budget

How To Copy Your Destination Marketing Organisations Advertising Budget On A Shoestring

Being in New Zealand I am fortunate to be surrounded by Regional Tourism Operators, airlines and other hospitality organisations that punch above their weight when it comes to digital marketing strategies for tourism.  From Air New Zealand (with their 1m+ Facebook followers and edgy innovative videos) to my local Regional Tourism Operator, Destination Queenstown who […]

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The Complete Guide to Facebook Advert Targeting Options

Qwaya Facebook Ad Targeting Options

Facebook continue to innovate when it comes to their advertising options, as well as targeting choices.  Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences, and retargeting options are all quite new to the Facebook platform.  If you aren’t sure how powerful the Facebook targeting options are, or just want to have a reference chart beside you, check out the […]

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Retargeted Advertising Article Published on Luxury Hoteliers Magazine

Online Advertising - Retargeting and Facebook Custom Audiences

Retargeting or Remarketing is one of the latest buzzwords in the online advertising space.  Whilst everyone is competing on Adwords and other platforms, retargeting is still in relatively early days and not used by many small businesses.  If you’re unsure of what retargeted advertising is, please head over to my published article Laser Targeted Online […]

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Retargeting Article Submitted to International Luxury Hoteliers Association

As everyone else in Queenstown was heading out to watch the British Royals William and Kate drive along the street, and heading to the gondola to watch the start of the Queenstown Bike Festival, I stayed at home to write my second article for the International Luxury Hoteliers Association. The reaction to my first article […]

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