Fast Website Hosting & Page Speed Improvements for WordPress

Fast Wordpress Hosting Page Speed Improvements

Do you know how fast or slow your website is and how that impacts your online presence, and most importantly your visibility and revenue? Are you looking for someone to take care of page speed improvements for your WordPress website?

If your website is slow it is likely having a significant negative impact on your businesses performance online including all of the following and more : 

  • Lower search engine rankings
  • Visitors abandoning your site
  • Lower transaction volume
  • Lower average cart value
  • Increased cost of digital advertising due to poor user experience

If you have a physical store and people come in and leave it’s really visible to you and you have a chance to go up and speak to them. This doesn’t happen online. You’re probably not even aware of it unless you are actively looking at your analytics.

Imagine if one of your potential customers clicked on a link to your website and saw the warning below – do you think that’s a good impression? (and they haven’t even got to your website yet!)

Website Speed Improvements Fast Hosting Queenstown NZ

Having a fast loading website and great user experience is key online today and Google already announced a big update in search algorithms in May 2021 that will address this.

According to Google 53% of people will abandon a website on mobile if it takes more than 3 seconds.

The average mobile page load speed in New Zealand is 15 seconds. Is yours one of them?

Google Page Speed Improvements

Actual Results in Page Speed Improvements

You may wonder if all the talk of page speed improvements are just a scare tactic or if it’s legit. There are plenty agencies currently using this a hard core sales tactic but we have proof it makes a difference.  Here are results from recent page speed improvement projects we’ve worked on, alongside changing to good website hosting we manage. Below you can see Google’s Page Speed Scores before and after, and the load time before and after on both desktop and mobile.

This is the average improvements over 13 websites : 

Website Page Speed Improvements WordPress

This is the change in one simple website. Improvements like below along with simple search engine optimisation tweaks brought this restaurant website from Page 4 to first position organically for its main keyword : 

Website Speed Improvements


Page Speed Improvements for WordPress Websites

If you want to improve your WordPress page speed and keep on top of it going forward get in touch to speak to us about our managed hosting plans.  As your hosting is so important to your website speed we will only work on your site if you are prepared to move your hosting to us to manage.

The benefit of this is as long as you commit to a 12 month period we will roll in a page speed improvement project as part of this work. This saves you on a project that would cost between $600 and $2000 USD.

We can point you in the direction of good hosting if you want to do it yourself although we usually find there are many elements overlooked if you go down that route.

What Our Managed WordPress Hosting Provides

Our website hosting is only for WordPress websites Traditionally we always left website hosting to your developers but as we perform so many digital audits and reviews, and run many paid marketing campaigns, it got so frustrating when all these sites we worked with were slow and costing businesses money.

Our managed website hosting is only for WordPress and it covers : 

  • Website Page Speed Improvement project (can cost up to $2000 elsewhere)
  • Global website content delivery network using Google Cloud Servers
    This means your website is cached around the world, serving content closer to your users, wherever they are.
  • Website hacking checks and fixes
    Your website will constantly be checked for malware and if there are any issues it will be proactively fixed.
    If you have other website hosts they may not help you with a site hack and it may cost you several hundred dollars to get it fixed by a company like Sucuri (we know – we did it, which is why we moved from a very reputable host ourselves)
  • Constant updates to plugins and WordPress software
    Your website will be regularly updated and patched to ensure the latest updates are applied

How To Test Your Site Speed

Are you curious how fast or slow your website currently is?

You can check this using Google Page Speed Insights. When you do this click on both the desktop and mobile results. Typically the mobile results are far worse than desktop.

What We Need to Move Your Site

If you are interested we will need the following from you to be able to move your site : 

  • Admin access to your WordPress website
    We will only host WordPress websites.
  • Full login to your Domain Name Registrar
    This is where you registered your domain names
  • Backend Hosting Access
    Ideally we will require a full login to your current website host. If you currently host your website through an agency this may not be possible, but we can do it without this.

Note : Before we move your website we will need to know what is linked to your domain. If you have your email managed and running through your website host we will not move your website, or we will introduce you to someone who will help migrate your email to a service that decouples your email from your website which is best practice (e.g. Google Mail).  Other elements which may be ‘linked’ to your domain name may be 3rd party services with a subdomain, Microsoft email, reporting tools, Google verification records etc.

We will move your domain name service to Cloudflare as part of this but you will retain all ownership of your domains.

Cost Of Website Hosting for WordPress

When moving your site there is a one off cost of $500 which is for time to move your domain name to Cloudflare and do the admin work behind the scenes of checking what else is linked and other elements. We may also have to make some changes based on your current setup depending what your or your developer has setup.

Your monthly hosting cost is $150 NZD per month per WordPress website which includes : 

  • Global content delivery network
  • Site Speed Improvements and constant checking
  • Vulnerability scans and hack fixes
  • 30 day of backups online
  • All plugin and WordPress updates and checking

For $450 per month you can also get ‘unlimited’ small content updates which are 20 minutes or less.

Want To Do It Yourself WordPress Hosting?

If you have the capability to move your website hosting yourself feel free to take full responsibility of this.

The steps we recommend are : 

  • Move your domain name services to Cloudflare to speed up DNS lookups
  • Move your hosting to our fast website hosting (WordPress sites only)

Email us at info at if you are interested in us moving your website and improving your online presence today.  Be prepared with your logins, and check your logins first too :-)  We will only migrate the sites if it’s a good fit for both of us.