Google Analytics

Tracking Your Website’s Return On Investment (ROI) using Google Analytics

Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking Example
You wouldn’t run a business without measuring it.  You must treat your website like an asset of your business and track what it’s delivering to your bottom line.

Google Analytics is your key to tracking your ROI.

Most businesses make a significant investment in their website in both money and time so let me find out what’s working, and what can be improved.  Together we can look at your business goals and work out :

  • Return On Investment (ROI) Of Your Online Efforts (email, search and advertising)
  • Track and Measure Online Goals
  • Track advertising campaigns from email marketing through to paid advertising
  • See How Your Website Is Used
  • Segment Visitors

But I Just Need A New Website Right?

Your website is the cornerstone of your online presence but you should know what’s driving traffic as you can see a lot more than just how many visitors are landing on your site.  If you are looking to revamp your website, your current analytics is a great place to start so you can replicate the good bits, and improve on the not so good.

Hidden inside analytics you may be able to find the information people are seeking that isn’t visible and find out the key questions your future customers want answers for.  This can drive content, conversion and future advertising campaigns.

Conversion Optimisation

With SEO, social and paid campaigns you can drive as much traffic to your website as you want, but if your website doesn’t deliver as a destination you’ll be missing out on those vital conversions whether that be a new lead via an email sign up, an online purchase or booking, or just the pages your customers are visiting…and as importantly where they’re dropping out your online sales funnel.  You can even see find out how long your lead time to purchase is, and demographics of your site visitors.

Should You Really Be Paying For Print Ads?

Despite what many digital consultants may say to you, print isn’t dead.  There are ways you can track your print campaigns using online tracking so see which ones are most cost effective.  Many clients still think they should be paying thousands for inclusion in online directory X, or print publication Y but when they see they numbers, often they reconsider due to the low volume of referrals.  You need to put this measurement into context but sometimes it may make you think again where you allocate your advertising budget.

Make Your Website Work For You

Your website is an asset that really can work for you.  Whether you use this data for drive your online budgeting or use it to increase the value of your business, without the correct tracking and metrics in place you can’t measure seasonal trends or this period versus last year as a comparison.  If you aren’t tracking how your site is used your website is little more than a glorified brochure.

It’s very hard to track print advertising, but that’s not so say it doesn’t work.  With online and digital you can track everything.

Let’s Track Your Business Growth

Let me track your business growth online and see the total customer value that’s being brought in by your website.  If you’re looking for something else, check out my other digital marketing services.

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