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Are You Wasting Money on Google AdWords?

Google AdWords Online Advertising, Queenstown, NZ


Every account I review is wasting money on Google AdWords…and sometimes it’s a lot.

Can you answer the following questions?

  • How much advertising budget did you spend last month?
  • What was the return on investment?
  • How many offline enquiries or phone calls did your ads drive?
  • What ad extensions do you have in place?
  • How many ad variations have you tested?

If you can’t answer the above, you’re probably wasting money on Google AdWords.

Don’t worry it’s not your fault.  You’re either trying to run your business on a limited budget, or you’ve been asked to run a campaign as well as the other 100’s of things you have to do in your job.  Google is constantly changing the AdWords platform and you need to keep up with all the features to be in with a chance of a successful campaign.

Measuring Return On Investment

Your ad budget per month is only a small reflection of your advertising spend.  Another portion of that cost is the time you spend doing setting up your campaign and tweaking it (you didn’t just leave it alone after setup did you?).  You could be doing something more value added, and you may end up saving the portion of ad spend that’s wasted on irrelevant traffic that’s clicking on your ads.

You may decide to run a brand awareness campaign, or a paid search campaign but you should be tracking your return on investment.  How much did a conversion cost?  What’s the cost per lead?

Does AdWords Work?

Isn’t it nasty when you hear your best friend called names behind their back?

I’ve often heard people saying AdWords doesn’t work.  It’s true, it may not work for everyone, but don’t judge it if you don’t have an optimized campaign and aren’t tracking it well, with the right metrics.  I’ve seen campaigns that have wasted 1/3rd of their monthly $3000 spend on irrelevant traffic, and campaigns that haven’t been touched since setup.

I’ve also worked on campaigns that to the uneducated eye didn’t look too inspiring but it was still delivering a healthy return. When I added in the offline conversions over tracked phone calls, the ROI went through the roof.

Would you have stopped the campaign by mistake?

AdWords Management

Having a certified professional may not cost you anything.  The cost of management may outweigh the money you’ve been spending, and you’ll more than likely end up with far better performing ads that not only get a better click through rate, but better return on investment, or better brand awareness.

I won’t charge a percentage fee based on your ad spend as that gives me no incentive to save you money.  The more you spend advertising, the more I’d get paid.  If you get phone calls promising to get your to #1 on Google, or someone quotes you a figure for managing your ads, make sure they’ve asked what your objectives are, what your core keywords are, any targeting information, access to your website or AdWords account, or you should consider walking away.

AdWords Certified Google Partner

Being certified as an AdWords expert by Google means I keep up to date with the latest features and campaign optimisation techniques.  Not only that, but I’m a Google Partner which means I get inside access to what’s working now, current statistics specific to industries and countries, and I have inside access to Google experts and other specialists.

Not only am I certified by Google, I attend regular training by certified companies, and have been trained by leading AdWords authors on a regular basis.

Retargeted Advertising

You’ve probably seen adverts following you online after viewing a website.  That’s called retargeted advertising and it’s possible to do without a national retail chain’s advertising budget and you can do it on different platforms such as Google or Facebook depending on your goals.  I can work out your goals, lead times and other metrics to start keeping you top of mind with your customers, or remind them to make that booking they were in the middle of making when the phone rang.

Let Me Review Your Account

Let me review your AdWords account today and tell you if you are wasting money on Google AdWords.  Although AdWords is one of the most effective online advertising methods around, I can also offer advanced online advertising such as retargeting and Facebook Advertising if I think that is more suited to your requirements.

Call me today on +64 (0)217 43107 to discuss your requirements.