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Social Media and online marketing

Social Media and online marketing

Welcome to Fully Charged Media.

It’s always a tough one…..what to write for your first blog entry, but what better way to start than what inspired us to launch.

Online is confusing.  There’s all the social networks, tripadvisor, email marketing, channel management (if you’re in tourism), local search, SEO, newsletters, online advertising….and that’s before you even get to your website.

We’ve had a passion about online marketing and the internet for years, but the knowledge doesn’t just stop online.  Processes feed into your business and strategy so you can utlise these channels, and automate as much as possible to increase your return on investment, and give you more time doing what you need to do : run your business.

When building websites and advising companies it dawned on us there were many agencies and designers after your dollar, but increasingly we realised they didn’t deliver the full package.  Maybe you got a beautiful website, or a bit of advice and a poor website, or you got sold that #1 position in Google (or so they said)…. but the website’s just part of the package.  We firmly believe this shouldn’t be your only online spend.  Before you start you need to look at the big picture.  Are you just starting out and need to build a tribe?  Do you just need to run some online campaigns, or build your visibility?  Do you want to find out how to maximise your Tripadvisor pages, or pay less commission to online travel agents (OTAs)?

We realised there was a place for an honest, up front advisor to businesses for everything online.  Whether it’s online marketing, or tweaking in house processes to utilise technology, that’s where we fit in.

We don’t do websites.  We do online solutions.

Darren Craig

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