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Facebook Advertising Tips and Tricks

Maybe The Best Facebook Campaign For Queenstown Tourism Just Now

If you’re a tourism or activity provider in Queenstown. there’s a great Facebook advertising campaign that you should be testing right now. If you’ve heard me talk, or been on any of my courses, you’ll know I’m a passionate advocate of getting more out of the platforms you are currently using online, whether it’s your […]

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Why Facebook Is The Most Targeted Ad Platform For Demographics

Facebook Demographics Advert Targeting

If you want to buy something you go to a store.  Seems obvious right? Online is just the same.  What you really want to buy is traffic to your website, and ideally traffic either matching your target demographic, or with an intent to purchase your product which solves the problem, or need, your customer has. […]

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The Complete Guide to Facebook Advert Targeting Options

Qwaya Facebook Ad Targeting Options

Facebook continue to innovate when it comes to their advertising options, as well as targeting choices.  Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences, and retargeting options are all quite new to the Facebook platform.  If you aren’t sure how powerful the Facebook targeting options are, or just want to have a reference chart beside you, check out the […]

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