How To Find Missing Messages In Facebook Messenger

How would you feel if you lost out on business leads by not seeing a message, or your friends were feeling rejected by you…and you didn’t even realise?

Facebook Messenger may be doing this to you.  And it happened to me.

I missed out hockey games, offers for things I was selling….and most importantly, messages about work where the sender thought I was ignoring them.

Quite often I say computers aren’t quite as smart as us humans in many circumstances.  At the moment Facebook Messenger’s algorithm has a feature where it will filter out message requests from people who aren’t your Facebook friends.  A common scenario for this is if you post of Facebook groups or elsewhere, and someone decides to message you directly…or someone who isn’t your friend on Facebook decides to message you there, instead of going and finding your phone number.  (I’m still one of those old schoolers who tries to separate work and pleasure on Facebook…even though my Facebook feed is full of digital marketing discussions).

So, how do you find these missing messages?

You may have heard of the ‘Other’ folder where Facebook used to dump messages from unknown friends, however there’s another hidden source too.  If you head to the Messenger app on your phone there’s just a few simple steps to perform.

The screenshots below were taken on Android, however Apple iPhones aren’t that different.

1. Click on the Cog at the top right to get the Settings

Click People.

Facebook Messenger Hidden Messages 1


2. Click Message Requests

Facebook Messenger Hidden Messages 1


3. Click See Filtered Requests

Facebook Messenger Hidden Messages 3


4. Click Each Conversation and Accept (if you want to!)

Now you can find all those Facebook messages from your mum asking why you haven’t added her as a friend yet ;-)

Facebook Messenger Hidden Messages 4

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Darren Craig