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Digital Marketing Strategy and Review, Queenstown, NZ

I’m quite excited about the start of the Digital Marketing Masterclass Series that starts in Queenstown tomorrow.  The whole series of courses will run at the Queenstown Arts Centre in the centre of town so I’m glad to be able to help them out with their venue as well.

Digital marketing could be considered quite an art form as there’s so many ways to implement it, and there’s not just one correct answer.  The true art is being able to craft your results into some form of science, and be able to report on the return on investment.  As I type this I have another Google AdWords campaign coming to an end that looks like it will have a return on investment of up to 700% – and that’s after my costs have been taken in to account.  Any old agency may have reported the click through rate, or the best click through rate, but unless that’s turned into money, it means nothing.  This is the difference between playing with digital marketing, and implementing it well.

Not only will I have a successful campaign, I’ll have reports to show where the most effective spend is, which geographic area had the best cost per conversion and loads of other useful information that will help direct future campaigns.  This is digital marketing done well.

This is the whole aim of this series of digital marketing courses.  I truly believe they will be by far the most comprehensive set of courses like this run in Queenstown, and by far the most practical.  They won’t cover ‘airy fairy’ high level concepts that you can’t translate into real actions – they will all provide actionable steps you can implement tomorrow.

These courses are aimed to open your eyes to what’s possible with digital marketing, and what’s important.  They will likely make you question your current priorities and give you that time out of the office to sit back and think online marketing.

If you’re on the fence, jump over it now so you don’t miss out on more.

If you’re fed up of cold calls of people promising you the world online, but not asking you any questions about your business, come along to find out what questions you should be asking.

If you wear 101 hats in your day job, and people expect you to do digital marketing as well, come along and fast track your education.

If you’re skeptical about the benefits of digital marketing, come along to find out some of my secrets of online advertising campaigns with 4 figure return on investment, and double digit traffic growth

Get your digital marketing priorities sorted in time for the new financial year.  Head over to book your digital marketing courses in Queenstown today.


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Note : I am registered with NZTE and you may be able to get a contribution towards these courses from the NZTE Regional Business Partners scheme.  Speak with your local Chamber of Commerce for more information.

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